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Tommy Hite is a Hawai’i based contemporary artist. Hite was born and raised in

Hawai'i on the Island of O’ahu in the city of Honolulu. He has produced multiple

solo exhibitions as well as participated in various group shows since 2017.

Hite’s work utilizes a variety of mediums and includes Paintings, Drawings,

sculptures, and other mixed-media works. Hite’s work is primarily portrayed in

oil paint and influenced by his direct surroundings in Honolulu and the

subcultures of his environment. Hite will often employ iconography he has an

affinity for. He creates a language through diverse combinations of imagery.

Being Hapa (a hawaiian term meaning of mixed ethnicities), caucasian

philipino, Hite juxtaposes elements of the tropical pacific with old european

classical paintings as a representation of his ethnic Identity.


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